The mystery deepens and then is revealed a bit

After Dr De’Spaire had left, Lola turned to Bunty.

“So then Bunty, are you going to tell me what this is all about?” she asked.

“Come with me Lola, ” said Bunty mysteriously, “there is something that I need to show you.”

Bunty led the way to the Dorothy gallery in the East wing, through corridors hung with signed portraits of the musical theatre stars of the day.

“I was looking through Bingos’ papers Lola, and although I could not decipher the key words that the Dr was looking for, I found something far more interesting which relates directly to something in our past, and may even be the real reason that you were left Basketcase Manor in the will.”

Bunty turned the key in the lock when they eventually got to the right door.

She opened the door to reveal a collection of the oddest individuals that they had ever seen.

“Oh look, there’s Mrs Damson!” said Lola, “I didn’t know he had treated her-he must not have been very good, because even with the lobotomy she’s still not right.”

“And look,” said Bunty, “Mr Dorking-it was the badger that pushed him over the edge and the untimely death of Miss Lovely.”

“He didn’t much like all those bottles of pop going off at once either.” added Lola, “Still, now he’s written all those angry books, he must be feeling much better. But isn’t it odd that Bingo treated them both?”

“Or is it?” asked Bunty in a cryptic manner. “Something has been manipulating us both for a long time, and then there’s that thing that you don’t remember-which it may now be time to reveal.”

“What thing? Oh that thing involving the cave, me in my nighty and Miss Honeycake, that you always hint at darkly but never quite tell me?” said Lola sarcastically.

“The very one.” said Bunty, “Now let’s see if you recognise this odd chap”

Bunty indicated a portrait of a strange chap with little pointy ears; he had red swirling eyes and sharp teeth.

“He looks familiar…” said Lola, “but from a long time ago.”

Her mind went back to their school hols in the fourth form and a rather fascinating chap called….

“Hereward Lictor!” they both cried in unison, a habit that they started when they were girls.

“Do you remember Lola, he was sent to Appen Asylum in Yorkshire, all those years ago, after serving Mrs Shank on a platter?” said Bunty.

“Oh yes, that was horrid!” said Lola, “But I did think he was rather nice.”

“There are hints in Bingo’s notes, which tell me that some things are more than coincidental, let’s repair to the Over the Rainbow room, and I’ll show you.”

Even with all the lights lit the place was still gloomy, the mist seemed to seep into the house.

Bunty and Lola huddled by the huge fire in the grate, covered with some of Bingos’ fur coats and looked through the papers.

“Look here Bunty, it’s a letter to Bingo when he was a medical student from Hereward, asking for him to arrange passage from Lithuania, and lodging near Schlepping Towers at Hill House!”

There was the sound of maniacal laughter floating across the moor.


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