despair ye all who enter here.

There was a pounding on the heavy oak front door. Mrs Housekeeper, for that was the name of the dour servant went to open the door. Lola poured another snifter and waited for the visitor to be brought through.

Mrs Housekeeper entered the sitting room and said “Dr D’Spaire to see you Madam.”

“Who is he, and why should I want to see him,” slurred Lola

“He must be to do with the asylum that Bingo worked at years ago Lola, the pictures in the library remember” Bunty was at least mostly sober and was interested to see him, she was still sifting through the papers and a considerable amount of time had been spent by Bingo there.

A little man with a limp came into the room and eyed the two women suspiciously,

“Good evening, I had hoped to be here earlier but I’m afraid I was detained in the hospital. A patient was having an ‘episode’.

“why?” said Lola “you were not named in the will” she twirled the olive in her glass and smiled sweetly.

Dr De’Spaire stared at Lola and wished she was committed to the asylum so he could personally put her in a strait jacket and put electrodes on her shaven pate.

“Madam, I am aware of what the Rev Tuff-Muffin’s intentions were as far as the asylum is concerned. He had already bequeathed a sum of money to the  trust and a wing of the hospital is named after him, indeed the Tuff-Muffin abasement centre is very popular with our patients and I assure you that is not the reason I am here.” I merely wished to offer my condolences to the rest of the family but as I encountered various members of the family running from here I gleaned the reading of the will had finished.”

He looked very affronted and Lola decided she did not like this self-important little man. Bunty, however was listening intently and wanted to ask him questions about some of the people in the portraits.

“Dr D’Spaire, could you tell me about the patients that Uncle Bingo treated?”

The doctor, looked at Bunty and became more pleasant,”Well Miss Tuff-Muffin he saw many in his time, many are of course still there as they will never leave but he was interested in treating them with a therapy of his own devising and was conducting experiments on a small control group who he called his ‘Bingo boys’ they were some of the most violent and depraved and he was using a Freudian cognitive therapy. He claimed he was getting some where with it and they responded to trigger words. He died unfortunately before he had written up all his notes so I am not sure I know all the trigger words” he confessed.

Bunty nodded, the notes she had been looking through had alluded to something along this information. The trouble was his notes were all mixed up and she was still sorting it out.

“Do you think we could have a look around the asylum at all?” she queried. 

Lola looked at her

“Have you gone mad Bunty?”

“Not at all Lola, she leaned towards Lola and hissed “I think there is something here that we should investigate” she looked mysterious but she would tell Lola when the Dr had gone. She stood up,

“Thank you for coming Dr, if you let us know if a visit would be possible, it would be so good to see another side of dear uncle Bingo’s life.”

Lola understood Bunty was up to something so decided to wait and see.


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